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Sevens Legal, APC

Diego, CA Criminal Defense Law Firm
Sevens Legal, APC
3555 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, California 92103

Phone (619) 430-2355

Website https://www.sevenslegal.com

Sevens Legal, APC Overview

At Sevens Legal, APC we have 40+ years of combined experience. In the last 2 years, we have had over 250 cases of clients that we have kept out of jail.

If you or loved one is accused or charged with any type of crime call us. Let us help you during this tough time.

We have award-winning attorneys who will fight for you in order to provide you peace of mind.

Languages: English

Sevens Legal, APC Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Theft Crimes; Assault; Battery; Homicide; Restraining Order Violations; Probation Violation Charges; DMV Hearing Defense; Felonies; Child Abuse; Rape; Prostitution; Child Molestation; Burglary; Fraud; Money Laundering; Drug Trafficking; Drug Smuggling; Petty Theft; Grand Theft; Robbery; Identity Theft; Receiving or Possession of Stolen Property; Blood Alcohol Level (BAC); Field Sobriety Test; Methamphetamine; DUI Marijuana; Child Endangerment; Property Crime; Vandalism; Federal Crimes; Child Neglect; Larceny; Motor Vehicle Theft; Shoplifting; Car Theft; Arson; Sexual Assault; Pimping; Child Pornography; Urinating in Public; Sodomy; Internet Sex Crimes; Lewd or Lascivious Acts; Sexual Harassment; Seduction of a Minor; Exhibitionism; Sexual Abuse; Indecent Exposure; Lewd or Obscene Conduct; Minor Sexting; Oral Copulation; Human Trafficking; Sexual Battery; Sex Offender Registration; Identity Fraud; Credit Card Fraud; Insurance Fraud; Tax Fraud; Welfare Fraud; Graffiti Charge; Underage Drinking Violations; Joyriding a Car; Bank Robbery; Mail Fraud; Bank Fraud; Firearms Violations; National Security Crimes.

Samantha Ashley Greene Mrs. Samantha Ashley Greene
Criminal Defense

Sevens Legal, APC Affiliations
Federal Bar Association
State Bar of California
Los Angeles County Bar Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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